How To Fix The “Google Play Services Has Stopped” Error

If you are facing the issue with “google play services has stopped” error, you don’t need to be panic. Google has launched the various methods to resolve this issue so that you can enjoy its services without any interruption. In this article, we will discuss various methods to resolve this issue. Google Play Music Customer Support

Method 1- Turn it off and turn on

Just do it for once, I hope it would work for you. It could b the ultimate and easiest solution to resolve this issue in no time. You will not face any complication while using these methods.  Let’s get started.

Method 2- Update your google play services

Sometimes services crash just because of the outdated version of google play services. Older version creates conflicts so all you have to do is to update google play services which could fix this issue. If you have already the newer version then uninstall and install your google play services  .

Method 3- Remove google play services Google Support

Open the “settings” of your device and go to the “apps” and select google play services. On choosing this, you will get an option to uninstall the updates to the application. Restart your device on taping that one.

Method 4- The clear cache of the google play services.

To clear the cache of google play services, go to the settings of your device and check for apps. Select it and tap on google play services. Force stop the application and clear all caches. And then restart your device. It would definitely fix your error.  See more at Google Chrome Support

Method 5- Clear the framework cache of google play services.

You have to just repeat method 3, only you have to choose google services framework app instead of google play services app.  so click on Google Play Music Customer Support

Method 6- Remove and add your google account again.

Go to the settings of your device and choose accounts & sync. Select Google and tap on the play store. You will get a new menu on taping your email address. At the top right of the screen, you will get 3 dots. Just select the option to remove the account and confirm it. After removing your account re-add your account again. Go to the menu of accounts and tap on plus symbol to add your account again.

Method 7- Reset the preferences of application.

Go the settings of your device and open the option of apps. Now tap the 3 dots at the right corner of the screen. Now tap choose reset app preferences and restart your device to allow taking effects of changes. You can also click on Google Play Music Customer Service